Creative Mobile App Ideas in 2019

mobile-AppMobile has nowadays become an essential need of everyone and thus mobile apps businesses continue in demand and growing rapidly. Continuous improvement in software industry brings advancement in the mobile app industry also. The Mobile App development industry is totally and equally occupied by both iOS mobile App and Android mobile App and lots of mobile apps ideas are coming every day in both iOS and Android phones.

Mobile applications are the simplest and most modern way of getting things done. Some of the applications may not need internet to run and are faster to reach than websites. iOS Mobile App development and Android App DevelopmentApplications help us save our time and get things delivered within a few tabs. The applications are developed as per the operating system a smartphone has.

All these ways of application development are updated from time to time in order to cause more and more convenience to the customers.

This blog will help you to know the creative and innovative mobile app idea coming in the mobile app industry.

Creative Mobile App Ideas in 2019

Live Video Streaming:-

With Live Video Streaming Mobile App, anyone can broadcast live and reach live to others around the globe in seconds on iOS and Android devices.

GIF maker:

Again one more great feature developed by Mobile App Development Company and loved by everyone. This Feature can be found in both the iOS mobile app and Android Mobile App and offers multiple options and benefits to users such as: creating GIF from pictures and webcam. Apart from that, the GIF maker allows the user to use YouTube videos or already downloaded videos to make GIF. Moreover, this feature also allows to upload and share the GIF all over the world.

Voice-based translation:

Both iOS App Development and Android App DevelopmentCompany introduce this Feature. Currently, Voice-based translation is the strongest and very popular feature among users and can find in both iOS Mobile App and Android Mobile App. It is a powerful yet simple solution for the usage of the power of machine learning and AI. This feature will recognize the user’s voice and convert it to text (speech-to-text) and translate the text to the language of our choice. It also supports various languages and customizes marketing videos and eLearning materials.

Live Training Apps:

This Feature is also added by both iOS App development and Android App Development Company. This App allows the organization to train their employees, candidates, and clients at distant and also can easily track the overall performance of the training course by only a couple of clicks. Moreover, it also provides access to old training videos from the cloud. With the help of Live training apps, workers and students can get affordable training.

Parking app:

Parking App has various features like GPS, location, webcams, and parking data to find a free parking space around you in real-time.  This app reduces and save the time and struggle to search available parking space in a specific location for your vehicle. It is very helpful in daily life for users.

Virtual Interior Designer app:

It is a very interesting app. It allows users to take a picture of their room and visualizing it with lots of available designs, colors, wall stickers, curtain, decoration object etc. Moreover, it also helps to find the place from where you can get these interior items also.

 Social networking app:

Social networking app became very popular and important part of everyone’s life. This Android and iOS App Development feature allow to sell and buy any stuff online, can make friends and can connect with existing friends.

Travel Suggestion app:

Travel suggestion app is very interesting and helpful for everyone and everywhere. This app helps to find the best places to visit as per the search location and also give information about new places and things to do in a particular location that is new to users. Apart from that, It also provides the suggestion of best restaurants, hotels etc.

Food Donation app:

This App has a feature to provide information to restaurants about local charity places to donate extra food to needy people on a daily bases. With the help of this app, we can save a lot of food wastage and a very good approach to mankind.   

Transport alert app: 

This App helps users to avail vehicle on time by putting alerts in their mobile phones. Transport alert app is Embedded with GPS facility to keep track of status in real-time and also keep users updated.

Musician community app:

This is a very interesting app for music addicted and lovers. With the help of this app interested guys can connect with each other to form a band together, can find particular music choice and can also find other fellow musicians.

 Apart from these various iOS Mobile App and Android Mobile App ideas are coming every year by Mobile Application Development Companies